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Today I Got Lost on the Road of Life

My name is Andrew.

Pre-medical slave @ SDSU

List of things I love:

Soccer, surfing, working out, video games, movies, anime, writing, eating, and God.

Don't talk about it, be about it.

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17. September 2014

Life is an interesting concept. Our role on this planet is to survive, reproduce, and protect the next generation to ensure our genes are passed on. However, if evolution holds then that means millions of years have been emphasized on physical survival. Early mammals had to survive years of hardship in the wild; hunted by predators, battling off competitors, evolving to survive longer. Early Homo sapiens also had to physically survive in a world which was generally known to be dangerous. Evolution bred the idea that it is easier to survive in groups, working together, and splitting tasks while at the same time protecting each other in the common interest of a community. This is where the social world began. Languages were formed, Intelligence skyrocketed, the social interactions began, but, just 10-15,000 years ago. In comparison to the 4.5 billion years which life has existed in this world -evolving and adapting physically- we are fairly green to the idea of a social world. Today, we are surrounded by this; home, school, work, television, social media, phones, public events, everything, everywhere! The need to be accepted by society has taken over the need to survive physically. We are thrown into a world where intelligence, appearance, and social skills dominate and determine how successful one is. Strength, resilience, the ability to physically gather food, are all no longer emphasized as much as before. I feel this is why many have problems adapting to today’s norms; we have not evolved into it as long as long as we have to other life styles. Working in a cubicle, staring at digital screens for hours, keeping up with the newest clothes, technology, social media, shows, parties, songs, etc… if you are not up to date, then you are left out of conversations and potential friends, mates, and connections. All of this is a bit new; kind of like taking a test and realizing it has nothing to do with what professor spoke of in class…  Maybe this is why nature comforts us, it takes us back to our roots. Maybe its the reason we enjoy to hike mountains, venture the woods, surf the ocean waves, jog through trails. Nature is our past, our home. It is not natural to live in a polluted city full of tall buildings covered in loud sounds of construction and angry, raged drivers. That is not human. Human is the five senses, to see green and blue and red and everything in between, Human is to listen to the wind taking a stroll through the woods far away, not screams of a song one 1 inch away from your ear drum. Human is nature. Nature is dying. 

Andrew G

I miss my older brothers a lot. It seems being the youngest and watching everyone leave/grow up is difficult after all..


i only get out of bed because i know its what naruto would want me to do

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