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Today I Got Lost on the Road of Life

My name is Andrew.

Pre-medical slave @ SDSU

List of things I love:

Soccer, surfing, working out, video games, movies, anime, writing, eating, and God.

Don't talk about it, be about it.


i only get out of bed because i know its what naruto would want me to do

(via thenarutofandom)


Time for a mental trip

I’m just blankly writing at 12:12 am but here it goes…

I once stared at the night sky, wondering what marvels the world hides from me, until I realized they were in plain site; right in front, beside my eyes, begging to be noticed. But I did not see, nor did I hear, though loud they were in voice. Despite their bright appearance, I did not see they’re figure. Blinded by my thoughts, deafened by my will, I passed them by as such. The average you, the mediocre one, who treated all with glee. A smile golden with teeth so pearl, you saw me zombie in the mirror. Lest I forget, good deeds done once, touched me pure as wind. Real as my hand, I feel it as the sun. A mistake one doubts they make, but if it were in face, I say goodness and grace to all of those who wait.

Before picture #1
No flexing 
Rooms filthy 
Got skinny for this picture, time to gain it back!